How To Get Younger,Looking Skin

As women we go throughout life attempting to find that perfect facial cleanser and moisturizer to help eliminate those stubborn zits and blackheads that always seems to appear at the most inopportune times(,graduation,date) but by following these simple steps you will be well on your way to gorgeous, youthful looking skin.

1.Apply a Facial Cleanser:

Cleansing your face properly is the number 1 step to ensure your skin is free of make up, dirt and free radicals. During my high school years I had terrible skin and all I wanted was some magical potions to remove all those stubborn marks and pimples that continue to torment my teenage social life. It is important to important find a facial cleanser that is less harsh on your skin. Your the skin on your face is very different and more sensitive that the skin on your body. Sometimes facial cleansers can obtain harsh ingredients leaving your face feeling tight and dry. Try using Ponds Cold Cream to remove makeup while it leaves your skin soft, subtle and youthful.

2.Facial Peel for Deep Cleansing:

Many beauty experts talk about how beneficial it is to use facial scrubs and chemical peels but I have found them to be too harsh for your skin. Scrubs can leave your skin feeling irritated and distressed while chemical peels burn the outer layer of the skin off leaving it red and uncomfortable to the touch. I found using a facial peel to remove dead skin cells is less harsh and much more beneficial. Olay Microdermabrashian Peel strips the top layer of the skin to regenerate skins appearance.

3.All About Eyes: Clinique

If nothing is worse than waking up with puffy, tired looking eyes. The tell tale sign of aging starts with and around the eye area. For a quick pick me upper , place a tea bag in the freezer for 15mins and apply to both eyes for 20 minutes. It is easy , quick and leave the eyes open and vibrant. The caffeine assist with waking the eyes while the cold compressor eliminates the puffiness. This is a trick I share with all my friends. But, if you are looking for long-term benefits, try Clinque’s “All About Eyes” lightweight eye cream. It easily diminishes dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. The consistency easily helps keep your makeup in place.

4.Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize: Hope In A Jar
Sometimes we can forget how important it is not not just moisturize our face but ensure it has sunscreen as one of it main ingredients to help combat sun exposure , which increases the signs of aging. This little container has been endorsed by many celebrities and beauty experts. It is a gentle moisturizer that absorbs on contact. If you feel this is too much for your pocket then try Eucerin Daily Face Moisturizer. It is affordable and can be found at most stores. It is a great moisturizer with sunscreen.


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