Kim Kardashian: Glitz & Glamour

Kim Kardashian & family is known in pop culture as “glitz and glam”. The glamorous reality TV star is well known for wearing lavish gowns on red carpets and making appearances at star studded events for the only well-polished celebrities. You can definitely tell fashion sense runs through the Kardashian & Jenner blood because each has their own very unique sense of style.

Kim says the siblings’ style is very similar, but there is no contest when it comes to accessorising.

“I would say both glitz and glam, polished and put together,” she said when asked to describe the Kardashian style

“I’m really big on accessories, more so than my sisters. I love to accessorise. I think more is more when it comes to fun accessories. I stack on both hands whereas some people only stack on one hand. And they probably wouldn’t do a hair chain with earrings. They would probably do a more simple stud.”

Because of her love for fashion and accessories, she has decided to launch Belle Noel, a new jewellery line which ranges from glamorous charm bracelets, pave’ earrings and necklaces.   I stepped into Sears yesterday to get an up and close look of the Kardashian Kollection.  I am really loving the pleaded soft pink blush-colored skirts and tuxedo collar shirts they have implemented in the line.  It is both fashionable yet affordable. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out this is the best time because of the fall has just begun.  Kim is excited about the launch of  both lines.

Kim is an integral person in the design process. The 30-year-old beauty says creating a collection is not easy.

“Basically, I travel a lot, so if I am looking through magazines or a piece of carpeting or colours on a wall, I take pictures on my phone and send them to my design partner. We have meetings once a month. We go over everything that inspires us. She gets the renderings made. Her name is Brook and we just really collaborate. She knows more about the metals and I kind of do the designs,” she described.





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