Dancing with the Stars Results:Ron Artest

Monday night’s premiere of the 13th season of Dancing with the Stars brought in over 19 million viewers to watch ersatz celebrities attempt to waltz their way off of Hollywood’s C-List. How did everyone fare during last night’s results show?

The result. Ballplayer Ron Artest got ejected. When it was revealed that Rob Kardashian, Nancy Grace, and Artest were in the bottom three, there was no chance for a first week upset. They all deserved to go. However, while it was unlikely that Artest would find the grace on the dance floor that he demonstrates on the court, there was something funny and unpredictable about him. (Witness his yell of “Who’s coming with me?” after he heard the news.) Now we’ll never know what would happen if, say, someone threw a Pepsi at him on the dance floor. The silver lining of his departure is that we don’t have to pretend to call him Metta World Peace anymore. Though wasn’t it fun to hear them say “Metta and Peta” over and over?


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