The Kardashians Visit Good Morning America


Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian dropped by Good Morning America in NYC Wednesday morning, still on a high from Kim’s beautiful August wedding to new hubby Kris Humphries. Kim said of the nuptials:

“I was actually really, really calm that day. I wish I had more time to really enjoy the wedding because there’s so much going on that you’re running around, that now I look back I’m like ‘That day happened so fast, I wish I had more time!’”

As impressed as Khloe was with ceremony, she admits that she doesn’t regret not having making as big of a deal out of her wedding with Lamar Odom back in 2009. She told GMA:


“I had no involvement in planning her wedding, and I was just like, by being around Kim and seeing how stressed she was, I was like ‘Thank god I did not do that!’”

Khloe revealed that she gave Kim the best sisterly advice she could think of right before the wedding, telling her to try to take Kris into a corner during the reception and “look at the scene, at your loved ones dancing, and enjoy that moment.”

Regardless of all the attention that Kim got during the wedding, the sisters unanimously agree that it was Kourtney’s son Mason Disick who stole the show. One-and-a-half year-old Mason was Kim’s ring bearer, and captured everyone’s eye the second he stepped on the aisle!

“The second he made eye contact with me and Scott said, ‘Okay, run to your Mom,’ he ran as fast as he could, and then we held hands, and then we almost fell together, and then he dropped the pillow,” said Kourtney.

While the sisters aren’t sure about their plans to expand their families, Kourtney admitted that she doesn’t mind the rumors that the sisters are planning simultaneous pregnancies. “I think it’d be fun if it was all at the same time.”

But for now, the thing the sisters are all looking forward to is their brother Rob‘s upcoming stint on Dancing with the Stars!

“I’m going home today, back to L.A. – I’m actually going to his rehearsals to make sure he’s doing a good job,” laughed Khloe.


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