Kim Kardashian: Wants To Be Pregnant With Kourney!

After the newlyweds Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries landed in the big apple with her sister Kourtney & baby Mason in tow, they decided to make a couple of stops in the New York including stopping by DashNY. The Kardashian sisters do everything together including having babies, which is what Kim wants.

After being asked by ENews! if her or Kourtney will have a baby next, this is what she responded “Hopefully [we’ll be pregnant] at the same time!” she told me. “That would be ideal!” Some tabloids are already speculating she is expecting but of course, a source close to Kim confirms those rumors are untrue.

The couple sure knows how to make an entrance…they arrived two hours after the party’s official start time with E! cameras in tow filming season two of Kim & Kourtney Take New York.

Once inside, Kim made sure to reference her hubby when she got on the mic. “We usually say, ‘The Kardashians are here!’ ” she told the crowd inside Capitale, which included LaLa Vasquez, Alex McCord and Sonja Morgan. “But now I have to say, ‘The Kardashians and the Humphries are here!’ “


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