Weekend Makeup-Shimmery Eyes

Who says you shouldn’t look oh so fabulous  on the weekend as well.  The summer is coming to a close and we are vastly approaching the Fall season.  The shimmering eyes look good on any complexion because it gives you a more natural glow. The shimmering look has been the summer look for many celebrities and it seems to be that everyone is doing it.

Shimmering eyes – by applying light, subtle shimmer and sheenand sheen to your lids and the lower lash line (the feel is more of a wash than a heavy pigment.)

Opt muted hues of silver,bronze or silver depending on your complexion. It is meant to look effortless, which is what we are look for.  If you want you can wear any shade you desire as long as it remains subtle.

 Beyonce seems to always appear effortless with her bronze or gold shimmery eyes.  She simply wears eye liner and mascara to give it an extra pop.  If you notice it also compliments her natural brown eye color. To get this look it is pretty simple. Just follow these simple steps below.







Step 1: Using a soft, round-headed shadow brush, fill in the entire eye area from lid to brow with a fine layer of translucent pearly-white matte eye shadow.

Step 2: Use an oval-shaped shadow brush to apply medium smoky ash-brown matte eyeshadow; fill in the whole eyelid area from corner to corner.

Step 3: Next, you’ll use the same oval-headed shadow brush with what’s remaining of the smoky ash-brown shadow to line the lower rims of the eyes. Do this by holding the tip of the brush toward your eye, and sketching in a line just underneath the rim.

Step 4: For this step, switch brushes; use the round-headed shadow brush from Step 1 to place a semicircle of coppery red-brown shadow toward the outer edges of the eyelids. The idea is to create tiny crescents of color, which will contrast nicely with the ash-brown shadow underneath.

Step 5: With a dark-brown eyeliner pencil, draw a fine yet opaque line across the upper lash line. Extend the line slightly outside the outer edges.

Step 6: Apply dark-brown waterproof mascara to the upper and lower lashes.

Step 7: Enhance the arches of the eyebrows with a pencil liner by faintly sketching in any empty areas upward, from root to end. Remember, the look here calls for the brows to be defined, not necessarily darkened, so keep the strokes faint.

Step 8: To prep for concealer, use makeup-remover towelettes to clean up any debris that may have dropped below the eye.

Step 9: Using a soft, flat concealer brush, apply a creamy, flesh-colored concealer under the eyes (wherever you see any darkness) and to the sides of the nose and chin to cover any redness there as well. Then, use your fingertip to pat gently against the skin so the color blends smoothly.

Step 10: Next, use your fingertips to apply cotton-candy-pink cream blush to the apples of your cheeks. Blend out in wide, generous circles up toward the cheekbones.

Step 11: Fill lips in completely with a pinky-nude pencil liner, being careful not to extend the color outside the lip line.

Step 12: Use a pointed lip brush to layer a pale-salmon matte-textured cream lipstick over the lip liner.

This is a simple yet chic look for the weekend, which can pretty much be used on any day of the week.


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