LEVI’S CURVE ID-All Asses Were Not Created Equal

I was reading the latest Glamour Magazine(Sept Edition) and on page 156 Levi’s introduce CURVE ID for women of many shapes and sizes.  Oh, how I am in love!  They have denim jeans from women that are skinny tomboys to curvy girls and all the girls in between.  Visit their website to take their quiz and find the jean that fits your shape.  The worst thing about shopping for jeans are either they are too loose in the back when sitting or they don’t cover your entire butt.  Don’t you hate the muffin top.  As a woman, I have realized that I am far from being perfect and it is important to learn to work with your shape and not against it.

Their Curve ID’s ranges from the “Slight Curve to the “Supreme Curve”.   There is finally a jean for  “All of Us” women out there!  Let’s Celebrate, Ladies!

I will be going shopping this weekend to a Levi’s retailer and I will inform you all of my reviews. Btw, you can also schedule a fitting inside the store to make it much easier for anyone that may find it difficult to find that “perfect size”.  If you have tried LEVI’S Curve ID, please send pictures so I can post them and share your store.


4 thoughts on “LEVI’S CURVE ID-All Asses Were Not Created Equal

  1. Brilliant! I definitely have a big bum and quite skinny legs so i often find it difficult to find jeans that cover both well, thanks! Although my credit card cant quite cover the price of these 😦
    Take a look at our blog for some fashion advice and more!
    PP, x

    • I visited your blog and enjoyed the readings. I am not sure if you have a Plato’s Closet in your vicinity but if you are seeking brand names at an affordable cost, you definitely can find nice jeans there. Over the weekend, my sister and I went and I found a pair of 7 jeans for $25(what a steal). check them out!

      -Pink xoxoxo

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