How To Get Summer Glow Skin?

We are in the middle of summer who wants to lather up with bronzer and self tanning lotion if you can get the summer glow that you want naturally. With the heat index rising we all want our skin to stay healthy without the effects of sun rays.

Eating Healthy

Believe it or not there are certain foods you can eat to give you a natural glow. Foods like carrots and broccoli can do just that. Please don’t consume a lot of sugars and greasy foods ,which will only lead to major breakouts that will be hard to get rid of. Eat a balance diet of fruits,veggies and lean meats and seafood.

8 Glasses a Day

It is vital to stay hydrated with water. I understand many people are drinking those energy drinks that overworks your heart and blood pressure. Proper hydration will flush away any impurities in your body. I am sure you have heard what you put in your body will show on the outside. So, drink up!


This would be considered a no-brainer. I would definitely like the take out the time to work out properly because honestly I don’t. Exercising causes you to sweat which eliminates any impurities in your body. Exercising also helps regulate your heart and lungs. Do you eve notice how your skin glows once you finish working out. I absolutely love and you feel better too.

Getting Those ZZZZZ’s

Your body needs its 8hours. Getting those zzzz’s helps the body renew your outter skin layer. Who wants to wake up with bags and dark rings around their eyes? “Beauty Sleep” is not just for sleeping beauty but a good night rest will definitely help you feel and look refreshed.


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