Must Have Wardrobe Staples

When finding something to wear from season to season, it can be somewhat difficult ,especially when you don’t have wardrobe stapes in your closet that will make the process of putting together fashionable pieces a whole lot easier. I have found it easier to revamp your wardrobe from season to season while keep your staples to complete the various items. 

Denim Jeans

With dark denim jeans it really doesn’t matter your body type you can dress it up with a plain white v-neck tshirt or a button up shirt along with a black or grey blazer.  Oh, how I love a blazer.  Pretty much denim jeans can be paired with anything; just play around with it because there are endless possibilities.

Little Black Dress
Now, with this I am all for a Little Black Dress because you can wear it to work,dinner, girls night out or formal party. Depending on your type , I think it is important to step on the norm with this one. For me, I heart lots of color so why not take a chance to add some color with a blazer, accessories or pumps. Wearing a little colorful dress would be awesome, as well.

White Button Down Shirt

With this simple staple, it can be worn from season to season and with pretty much any pair of nice pants ,pencil skirt or shorts.

Having a black and grey blazer in your closet can finish any wardrobe. It can be worn with jeans, pencil skirt, white v-neck. I absolutely love blazers.

Black Pumps

You can never have too many black pumps. I have so many people and they can be worn on any day of the week. That’s what makes them so great!

Having these basic staples will make putting your style in full force and becoming more fashionably more fun.. With this your have endless possibilities from season to season.  Any other basics you want to share?  Would love to hear about them.


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